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Beep Beep! Construction Children's Room, Nursery Wall Stickers

Beep Beep! Construction Children's Room, Nursery Wall Stickers

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My Beep Beep wall stickers are perfect for decorating walls and non textured surfaces

Add some fun to your kids room with our removable wall stickers!

They are perfect for rented properties are they are easily removable and can be replaced back on to any wall or smooth surface (any laminated furniture)!


The stickers come in a long print out, you will need scissors to cut around the shapes.

Background is clear so you don’t need to cut out centres or to be perfect.


Walls or furniture must be smooth, stickers will not adhere to a texture surface (ie:bricks or textured wood)

Stickers can be removed and replaced a number of times but will start to become less sticky in time.

Features 18 stickers, sizes range between 8.5cm to 46cm

Removable & reusable with clear background

Packed and posted in a mail tube

All artwork is subject to copyright and any reproduction or use of this artwork without permission will be infringing copyright.

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